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The Marketing agency that’s here to adapt and grow Brands to the ever so changing Culture!
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We are a Full Scale Marketing and Software Agency.
We tailor our Services to your Businesses Needs Marketing Plan of action to Propel your business towards your Goals.

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We’re a Marketing Agency that’s culturally appropriate for the ever so changing Market. Our Team keeps up with the exponential curve of Technological advancements and offers services that are going to yield the best results for our clients.
Velocity Clients was founded by two aspiring entrepreneurs in 2014. The two hustlers grew up virtually together and were obsessed with making money online from the get. Their so-called “break” came when they met another friend who introduced them to the concept of influencer marketing. They got their first contract from a clothing brand but quickly blew it. That left them with an important lesson that the foundation of business is to trust the market. If you are good enough, the market will give you a victory.
That lesson was humbling and we learned we needed to keep up with the marketing tactics of the year we lived In. This meant constantly learning and keeping up to date with the latest trends and figuring out where consumer attention was. Fast forward to date we have helped startup entrepreneurs and seasoned ones to increase sales and focus on brand identity. With our help, many business owners have had success in converting their online customers and in stores ones via leveraging the power of Facebook ads Instagram marketing and email conversions.

Our Team

Muhammad Moiz Saeed

Co Founder

Aurangzaib Sohail

Sales and Marketing Specialist

Kin Lu


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We offer a Wide variety of Services including Creative production, Content production, Web Development, Social Media Management which consists of Facebook Adverts, Google Adverts, Snapchat Adverts, Spotify adverts.